Small lots
Small lots

Dear enquirer,

thank you for your interest in IBENA fabrics.

IBENA Textilwerke Beckmann GmbH is a vertical textile manufacturer selling worldwide to processors and resellers generally in Form of big contracts and huge lots.

Only in very special circumstances where product development, specification process or client relatinship require it otherwise we would set aside this general rule and deliver samples or a bigger lot directly to a final customer.

Every day we receive a lot of requests from small companies, final customers or individual persons who ask for information, samples or wish to buy a small amount of fabric.

Our company structure laid out for delivering huge lots is not suitable to deliver idividual small requests. Typical contracts usually comprise the shipment of hundreds or thousands of metres of fabric in one lot or over several weeks and months.

That does not mean, that we are unable to produce small amounts of fabric very efficiantly. In the contrary, we have an extraordinary good reputation regarding our flexibility, reorder capacity and our very fast product develompent and sampling capabilities.


But these capacities are reserved for development, preparation of big contracts and key account service. Using those for small one-time-lots would lead to inattractive prices for you.

In those cases where it seams likely that one of our customers can serve your request, we would automatically forward your request after a couple of days (unless you do not wish that) to help you finding what you are looking for.

Please understand that above that we are unable to further respond to your request.

Sometimes it is difficult for us to interpret incoming email request correctly.

Should we have misunderstood your request and you do indeed belong to our customer clientel described above, we kindly ask you to accept our appologies and ask you to directly contact our managing director .

Thank you.

Your IBENA sales service

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