Internationally recognised as a leading technical weaver and finisher in the area of technical textiles, IBENA offers a wide variety of products for several excitingly new and/or demanding applications:

  • Flame retardant textiles for work protection and safety
  • Technical and fashion grey fabrics for automotive textiles
  • Fabrics for agro- and greenhouse technology
  • Technical decoration fabrics
  • Theatre and studio fabrics
  • Digital printing fabric
  • Other industrial textiles for specified aplications

IBENA is a vertical textile manufacturer, equipped with the latest warping, beaming and sizing machines.

Warp preparation also for third parties
Its warp preparation department produces high quality warps both for in-house weaving as well as commission beam warping, sectional beaming / section warping for sales to third party customers.

The weaving mills are highly productive and flexible, with dobby and jacquard looms (air-jet, rapier and projectile weft insertion weaving machines) capable of producing fabrics over 5 metres (197 Inch) wide. A wet and dry finishing department with state of the art finishing machines allows the following finishing processes to be carried out:

Dry finishing

  • napping
  • cropping
  • shearing
  • drawing

Wet finishing

  • desizing
  • bleaching
  • washing
  • pre-print preparation
  • dyeing
  • bonding
  • heat setting
  • sanforizing
  • impregnating (antistatic, hydrophobic, hydrophilic, flame retardant, bactericidal, fungicide, oleophobic, fluorcarbon, starching)

Not only for own production: comission beam warping, sectional beaming / section warping also for several other textile companies

One of the highly valued strengths of IBENA is its well equipped laboratory, which helps to ensure the extremely high quality standards of IBENA.

The laboratory also supports extensive product development activities, either in-house, with customers, or with partners in fibre and yarn production.

technical textiles product development

The quality management system of IBENA is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO TS 16949:2002. It has also an environmental management system im place.

A combination of manual fabric inspection and opto-digital fault detection ensure a homogeneously high quality standard of production and customer order satisfaction without compromising any ecological aspects.

IBENA is YOUR partner for textile solutions. Please contact us, we shall be pleased to assist you.

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